Monday, February 18, 2013

Pachyderms never froget

Gee I wish I were a Pachyderm. I listened to several people talk about their futures and instantly wished I had a recorder in my purse. The future-my future and yours, is as bright as we make it. So get out your sunglasses when you lace up those boot straps and get moving! Often I feel that I NEED so much help from SO MANY people to keep up with this ever changing world. Well okay, maybe I do-right now.(Thank you honey.) When I find what I really want, my way is to find out who has what I want and how they got it. Follow the leaders and surround yourself with them and their knowledge. Old dogs can learn new tricks, finding the teachers, being open to learning the lessons that come your way even when you're not looking is paramount. Life has a way of bringing to you what you need more often than what you think you want. Look for lessons and connections that come your way and take advantage of them. Well I'm off to follow my wild and adventurous mind, glad I had my note book with me today. I found my muse working at the oddest and most inconvenient times today.

1 comment:

  1. Muses are pushy and relentless things, aren't they? LOL

    Following your dreams takes courage even if you are walking the path with others. Eventually it all comes down to you and your walk. Good thing I have awesome hiking boots! XD