Sunday, August 25, 2013

Losing the heat

The temp has dropped ten degrees and so has the frantic hustle of life. One last summer spree with the kids and their back in school, one last chance to boost your suntan before you renew your membership to the tanning salon. What will you do with these last few days? If it were just that simple, right? Fall brings its own type of hustle and bustle with it. Harvest, homework, deadlines for getting your book in print in time for the Christmas rush, Halloween and NANOWRIMO! Holy moly, think of the fun and excitement! It is finally time for me and my writing voice to roar. It is amazing how many things we keep ourselves busy with that don't serve us well. I call it creative (summer) avoidance and it is oh so real. I was so busy all summer doing nothing of any great significance to bother to get much done. Sound familiar? Books are about life and experiences so living it is not a crime, give yourself a break. Have fun this season and let your writer shine.